Wintry Summary of 2018 - Part 1

December 30th, 2018

Welcome to The Fox's Den Show's Wintry Summary of 2018 review show. In this show, we feature music from every live guest musician who appeared on the show during 2018. Also, at around half past each hour we played a Random Shepherd's Suggestion, having asked her to pick her top three tracks of the year. She also suggested a bonus track, which we squeezed in, in place of one week where we had no act on the show. All acts are listed in order of appearance on the show, and for those acts who appeared twice, we played music related to their first appearance but acknowledged their subsequent appearance.

The music featured in this hour is:

Maggie Hush - Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
Dogfinger Steve - I Hear The Devil
No Parking For Caravans - Slightly Sweeter
Pen & Stu - No Time To Love Me
Harrison Rimmer - Roots
Jim Danby - Finest Artist
Joe Solo - Retribution Blues
Ali Bullivent - Fallen Images
Ryan Mosleh - Fade Away
Random Shepherd's Suggestion 1 - Gary Numan - My Name Is Ruin
Leather'o - Where Can I Buy Gin
Wilson McGladdery - Lush Green Leaves
North Wood Drift - Saltersgate
Blossom Green - Guideline
Geoff Green - Something Inside
Martin Wharton - Counting
Martin Heaton - Bonnie Jinny
Get Up, Trinity - Revolution's Coming Soon
Edwina Hayes - Long Highway

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